TO TAIWAN (Rep. of China, ROC)

Update: 2012-09-10



  1. Completed & signed application form
    Please access the website: to fill out application form online and print it out.

  2. Two passport-size photos in color within 6 months
    Photo with a plain color (white color recommended) background

  3. Passport (original & photocopy)
    Valid for 6 months with blank pages

  4. A certificate of admission issued by the Chinese language center affiliated to one of the universities or institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education. (original & photocopy)
    -) For information on the schools, please visit for the updated list.
    -) Those who have obtained a certificate of admission from Chientan Overseas Youth Language Center must also submit a recommendation provided by Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission.
    -) Monday~Friday(class hours are over 15 hours per week)

  5. Plan for studying Chinese (original & photocopy)
    Describe the motive and plan for studying Chinese

  6. Proof of financial support (original & photocopy)
    e. g. proof of banking account balance or foreign remittance

  7. Other additional documents may be required during processing


Applicants can lodge their applications with the necessary documents and statutory fee at our overseas missions.

Interview may be required when necessary.


Visas are issued as stipulated by Article 12 of the Statute Governing Issuance of ROC Visas for Foreign Passports. As a sovereign nation, the ROC has the right to refuse applications for visas without providing any explanation for such decisions; visa application fee is not refundable.